Mary Romanian Orthodox parish in Cleveland was founded on 1904 and is the oldest Romanian Orthodox parish in the U.S.A. Guided by devout spiritual fathers and prominent lay people, this parish gained a special place and leadership role in the broader life of the Romanian-American Orthodox community which, in 1929, became the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America. In 1955, the old church located on Detroit Avenue and West 63rd was sold and the current property was acquired, under the wise leadership of Fr. John Trutza.

Today’s church, built during the worthy pastorate (1955-1982) of the late Fr. Vasile Hategan, Priest Emeritus (1915-2003), in a modern, yet traditional Romanian “Maramures” style, and was consecrated in 1960 by the late Archbishop Valerian. Since that time, the energy of the parish was especially directed to building, refurbishing and paying for the present complex, comprising a spacious church school, a modern social hall, and a museum.

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